Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Recon By Fire: Strategy beats Tactics every time

PawPaw's House: Democrats and Guns, Again:
Once again, Democrats are using the wrong tactics, targeting the wrong people, and causing more harm than good. Tax-the-hell out of guns and ammo and watch gun violence increase in your city. Who would have figured that? Well, anyone with a working brain.
Don't get your panties in a bind, PawPaw.

It's like we use to do back in The Day:

We would fire volleys into a suspected woodline in Viet Nam, hoping to draw fire.  The technique was intended to urge Viet Cong to fire back at us so we could concentrate our return fire  (and artillery) on their position.

It sometimes worked .. usually, it did not.  but it always got their attention.

At Best, they would be eliminated by our "Heavy Guns".
As Usual, they would retreat and end the engagement .. to our mutual benefit, to live and fight another day under circumstances which we could not predict.
At Worst, they would trick us into revealing more about ourselves, determine that they could prevail in open battle, and demolish our forces.

In the Political field of fire, that's what the Democrats are doing.

They're trying to draw your fire so they have a target to work with.  The technique can backfire on you or them depending on variables of which neither of you are aware at the time, but you/they can always refuse the engagement.

Unless both parties are so focused on minor issues that they forget the primary goal; which is NOT to "look good in the videos", but to prevail on the political field.

The best response is to refuse to return fire; they know they have revealed their position, and although they have a pretty good idea where YOU are .. they're not sure.

If they wish to pursue their attack, they reveal more about themselves than they might have wished; then you can plan your riposte at your leisure,

It's more about Strategy than Tactics.

Tactics win Battles; Strategy wins Wars

And if you cannot draw your own conclusions about how this relates to the political field, you should not be commenting on political issues.

There's  another military axiom which may be useful?

He who commits his reserves last ... wins.

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Mark said...

...and a plan is what you have until the first shot is fired.