Friday, June 23, 2017

Guns in America: Attitudes and Experiences of Americans | Pew Research Center

Interesting .... and surprisingly unbiased .... study on firearms ownership.

Recommended reading.

Quite long, so you may wish to bookmark it and read it in multiple sessions.
That has been my plan so far.

Guns in America: Attitudes and Experiences of Americans | Pew Research Center:

The remainder of this report examines in greater detail the public’s experiences with guns as well as views on gun policies. Chapter 1 looks at the demographics of gun ownership and the reasons people own guns. It also explores early experiences with guns, such as growing up in a gun-owning household and participating in hunting or sport shooting. Chapter 2 focuses on the role guns have in the daily life of gun owners, including whether they carry a gun outside their home, how often they engage in gun-related activities or consume gun-oriented media, and their social ties to other gun owners. It also looks at negative experiences some people have had with guns. Chapter 3 examines the public’s views on the responsibilities of gun ownership, with an emphasis on the differences between what gun owners and non-owners consider essential safety measures for gun owners to follow. Chapter 4  explores what Americans see as contributing factors to gun violence. Chapter 5 focuses on the public’s views on policy proposals to restrict or expand access to guns.

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