Friday, June 23, 2017

Glock This!

See, this is one of the reasons why I don't share in the "Glock Love" movement:

(Bearing Arms, December 20, 2015; by Bob Owens ... sorely missed, dammit!)

Anti-Gun Sheriff Negligently Shoots Self:
Mike Johnstone, an Iowa sheriff infamous for pushing the anti-gun lie that “shall issue” concealed carry will lead to “wild-west” shootouts, has managed to Glockify himself.   ..... 
... Johnstone removed the magazine from his pistol but failed to do a chamber check before squeezing the trigger as part of the Glock design’s standard takedown process. 
... Thereby violating at least TWO rules of Gun Safety .... Jeez, Mike, don't you know better than to point the gun at yourself when you drop the freakin' HAMMER*?  IDJIT! 
* yes, I know it's a striker in a Glock.

However, the article goes on to demonstrate  Bob Owens' clear comprehension about LEO gun-handling standards:
 The general public shares the common belief that law enforcement officers are highly-trained firearms experts. While there are indeed some incredibly talented shooters in law enforcement, the vast majority of patrol officers and deputies simply aren’t “gun people,” and aren’t typically as skilled as serious concealed carriers.

(Which reminds me, I haven't been to the range all week and I still need more work on "familiarity" of that damn KelTek P3AT!)


Mark said...

Don't blame the gun!

Anonymous said...

Don't blame Glock, because they help to weed out the terminally stupid and careless from among us. Glocks are great pistols.

Jerry The Geek said...

So, Mr. Anonymous (my most faithful reader) is suggesting that Glock Pistols are a machiavellian solution to a Darwinian problem, based on poor firearms safety training as a small child?

I would consider your theory, except for your final comment:

"Glocks are great pistols"

Anonymous, I've known great pistols. I've fired them and I've admired them.

I've also shot glocks.

I'm willing to admit that the ergonomics of the Glock are not kind to a man who has spent his life with 1911s.

But I've got to say this:

Anonymous, Glock is not that great.

However, if they did serve as a vessel to "weed out" undesirables, I would have lost too many of my friends who are merely "misguided".

I don't have enough friends that I can afford to lose any, so I reject your spurious theory.

(But I kind of like it, and it was fun to ponder on. For a moment.)

Mark said...

Two reasons to carry a Glock (I do). 1-they ALWAYS go bang. 2-they are much lighter than my 1911's or my very favorite the CZ.