Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Polls are cra-zee! (So are Politicians!)

99% of Americans don't believe polls. That's the result of at least one poll.

I don't believe in polls.  I pay no attention to them except in passing.

Polls can be so misinterpreted that they not only do not add to the "Discussion", but they usually add so many confusing 'facts' (which can usually not be examined by the casual observer), they often provide more controversy than verifiable fact.

Poll: Majority approve of Congress’ handling of shooting - POLITICO:

 Congress received mostly high marks for its response to a shooting last week at a Republican baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia, according to a new poll released Monday, although those surveyed said overall civility in political debate has deteriorated.  (The poll dialogue continues with more statistics, but who cares?)
I offer this ... dissertation ... only to makethe point that when the subject is politics, there is nothing THERE, there!

Can you read the above quote and tell me what it said? (Go to the original version at the link.)

They quoted lots of statistics from POLITICO, but they mean nothing.  If anything, they obfuscated any issue which you and I might have wished to have clarified.

Here's my interpretation of the statement, and I realize that whatever I say, it was probably wrong.

Congress has decided that they did the "right thing", whatever it was, and the politicians in power agree. Most people think that politicians are nice people, and everyone mostly agree
Balderdash!  Nobody likes Congress, or Politicians of any stripe.  This is an entirely self-serving quote which only serves to prove that Congress has no clue, and they're dancing as fast as they can.

("Whatever it was".  we haven't been told, yet, and we probably never will.)

I don't know yet what was the point under discussion, or how Congress reached this conclusion.

Anything that results in 5 public political people being SHOT is not likely to be gladly accepted by The Common Man.  When people get shot, there's something drastically wrong here.  Glossing over the consequences of politics serves no meaningful purpose.

Sweeping it all under the rug doesn't resolve the obvious problems of political dissent becoming radicalized.

I don't have a solution, but I have a lot of questions; none of which have been addressed in this political statement.

The people who have spoken publicly to explain away the issue?

They are all a bunch of morons.

I may be wrong, but I don't think you can address a major political assassination attempt by saying "... they did the "right thing", whatever it was, and the politicians have proven their ability to rise above the worst thing that could have happened and ... just shrug it off

Polls don't mean shit; most folks think there is something rotten in Denmark (to quote a phrase).  You cannot dismiss an assassination attempt with soft words and calm assurances. Unless there is an obvious effort to re-evaluate the current political contretemps, and to resolve the image which the public has of a failed national leadership, this shit will keep going on.

If that doesn't frighten you, nothing will.  Assassination as "just a part of the process"?  Absurd!

And I do not LIKE it when my country .. which I love far more than I love the politicians which have promised to protect us .. is under attack by anonymous mouse people.

.\They cannot even protect themselves ... even though they are surrounded by armed security guards and we are not.  How can we trust them to protect US?

I have no confidence in the incompetent idiots politicians who are replete with smiles, soft words, and $400 haircuts.  Anyone can get elected by promising Bread and Circuses; the Romans proved that a thousand years ago, and the formula remains unchanged and still useful.

Those who have the presence and gilt to be elected are rarely competent to lead.
They're just real good at smiling at the right times, and saying the right things to the right people.
Leadership Skills are not an issue.

That's all I have to say about that.

And people ask me why I'm apolitical.


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