Monday, June 19, 2017

There Ought To Be A Law which bans Ron Wyden from public office.

Jeff Sessions HEATED response to Ron Wyden on the firing of james comey, trump russia investigation - 

Ron Weyden, the Democratic Senator from the (formerly) Great State of Oregon, chooses to grill Jeff Sessions on ... whatever.

This isn't about Sessions; it's about Weyden.

Decades ago I lived in Portland, Oregon, where Weyden held a relatively minor civil position in city government.

He was ambitious, and one day he knocked on my door to ask me if I would please vote for him in a somewhat more important political position.

I told him that I considered him to be nothing more than a political hack, that I had no respect for him, I would not vote for him as dogcatcher as that would be a disservice to homeless dogs, and that I wished he would leave before the neighbors spotted me talking to him.*
*(Okay, words to that effect; probably not a direct quote but close!)
A moment of silence.

Then Ron said: "Does this mean that I don't have your vote?"

I quietly closed the door.

And Ron got elected, all the way up to U.S. Senate, representing the state of Oregon.  And he did it without my help.  I KNEW I should have campaigned against him, but who knew so many Welfare Moms in Portland would sell their vote to him?

That was when I changed my registration from Democrat to Republican.

So as you watch this video *, please understand that the people in Oregon who do NOT live in Portland and are NOT on the Public Dole do NOT consider Ron Wyden to be the very best possible representative of our people.

And as I watch this video, I am once again embarrassed that this arrogant lame-brained IDIOT is my political representative in the Senate of the United Stages of America.

*(Note the moment, at about 4:20 minutes, when Sessions realized that he was talking to an idiot.)

There ought to be a law.

I wonder if he plays base ball?

No .. never mind.  He's far too effete.


Mark said...

Wyden is also know as "Senator self-serving". He doesn't care about AG Sessions, he only wants the faithful to see he is one of them.

Anonymous said...

That is why so many people vote for democrats. The democrats, are part of the community. They are we the people. Republicans are too stand offish.