Wednesday, June 21, 2017

It's Stil Chi-Town, and I'm Still Not Jake

You got to ask yourself - 

does the Chicago Sun-Times run the list of random shootings as a daily feature on the Society Page, like Wedding Announcements?
Or does it go on the Legal Page, like traffic accidents and Court News?

The cited piece (below) doesn't even bother to ask why anyone was shot (and sometimes killed).  It reads like a summary on the sports page .. hey, maybe I just answered my own question!   After all, Murder and Mayhem seem to have found their natural milieu in This Toddling Town, and have as many participants as a Cubs game.

11 shot, 2 fatally, in Monday gun violence across Chicago | Chicago Sun-Times
Two men were killed and at least nine other people, including a 68-year-old woman, were wounded in shootings Monday across Chicago.
Don't tell me that doesn't look a lot like a bullseye.

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Anonymous said...

They don't want to make Mayor Rahm look bad.