Saturday, June 24, 2017

Face it, gun control doesn't work

Commentary: Face it, gun control doesn't work:
 Finally, what about a 2013 study of studies by the Centers for Disease Control? It failed to find evidence that gun control laws worked but did find evidence for something else: People rescue themselves from crimes on a regular basis with guns and guns work better than any other safety technique.
Me: The funny thing about the CDC was that for some time they deliberately downplayed the 'benefits' of firearm ownership, while the emphasized the "Evil That Guns Do".
Which resulted in the Dickey resolution .. essentially stating that "they can say anything they want, but if they're going to report based on their personal bias against guns, instead of presenting a balanced and objective report, we won't pay for it" said the Feds. CDC was getting funding from NGOs to report on guns, but their bias seened to be beginning to show again. Deep Pockets in Academia and Bloomberg Nation.

(I was prevented from posting this comment on the website because Discus)

It is striking is that CDC has apparently received funding for posting anti-gun comments by institutions LIKE Harvard Law School, which has been known to fund anti-gun research.

Still, this recent finding by Ambrose (of which I have been ignorant for 3 years!) is unique because CDC has seemed to somehow discovered   that there IS some value in private ownership of firearms.    

They've danced around the truth for years, got their ears boxed for their can-can routine,   (the Dickey Amendment of 1999), been defunded, been humiliated (by gun bloggers who have cheerfully held their dirty linen up for public display ......

... and now I wonder if I've been badmouthing the CDC for past indiscretions, although four years ago they may  have demonstrated A Soul!

I feel uncomfortable knowing that my research never went in the direction of finding out if CDC had mended its morality.

Tone Down The Rhetoric?
Yes! If I've been wrong about CDC current policies, I'll retract and apologize.

Although ... this time I'll wait until I've found current evidence of their "Come To Jesus" moment.

(Admit it .. once your reputation has been ruined, it's difficult to convince your detractors that you have changed your ways.  It's a higher standard you've earned for yourself, CDC!)

Perhaps I should look to my own reputation at the same time.

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Anonymous said...

The liberals don't want to hear about any such study and wouldn't believe it if they did hear about it.