Sunday, April 07, 2019


IF POLICE COME FOR YOUR GUNS: DO NOT RESIST, COOPERATE, sort it out in the courts. It is the law. Yes, the very same legal system who ordered the firearms confiscation. If not resisting and cooperating is in your opinion “dropping to your knees, and handing them over” that would be your opinion.

I'm not sure what the law is ... which is one of the reasons why this "law enforcement" thingie is so confusing .. is that police need to be specific about what they are searching for .. and they need to have a warrant  (a legal document) specifying they are searching for ...

search warrant of a private home

Essentially, if the police want to search your home, they must have a warrant signed by a judge.  If it is not signed by a judge, it is not a legal warrant.  That's the first hurdle they must surmount.

Then, there's the Constitution of the United States of America ..

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Anonymous said...

We all know that in some locals warrant-less and knock-less searches take place, and the police don't always knock and present a search warrant before entering. Often the first thing you might know is a battering ram taking down your door in the wee hours of the morning and a swat team entering with guns drawn. This is happening for minor offenses that are not gun related. To make any show of resistance may get you dead.