Friday, May 05, 2017

Why do gun purchases spike after mass shootings? *What better time?*

Why do gun purchases spike after mass shootings? -

Now a voice for gun violence prevention through her organization, Sandy Hook Promise, Hockley said that the families of mass shooting victims have responded very differently. "I don't think I've ever had a family who's lost someone (in a mass shooting) ... say, 'we need to have more guns available so that we can protect ourselves,' " she said
Thank you for the invitation.  Allow me to introduce myself:  I think we need more guns.  Because they may possibly stop murderers.

In 1988, my wife and her mother were murdered in my home.  The killer was my step-son .. my wife's son by her former husband.   After almost 30 years, I still can't get it out of my mind.

He walked into my home while I was at work, pulled a Dan Wesson .44 Magnum Revolver, and shot my wife (his mother) in the head.  Her brains were scattered over the cedar panelling wall above the fireplace which we had so lovingly rebuilt.

Her mother, my mother-in-law, was in the kitchen washing dishes at the time.  When she heard the shots, she dived for the back door ... but it was locked, so she turned and ran down the stairs to the basement;

dead end.


She didn't get halfway down the stairs until her grandson ... "Chad" caught up with her and shot her through the back of her head with his pistol.

She crumpled at the foot of the stairs, quite dead.

I think I can make a case that I have had a family murdered by firearms.

My stepdaughters came home from school, found the bodies there,  went to the next door neighbors, and eventually the eldest phoned me at work from my next-door neighbor's house::
"Daddy, come home ... Mommy is dead!" she said.
My wife's SON ... my mother-in law's GRANDSON, murdered them both  for no better reason than that he could.

So, if I carry a pistol in my pocket at home, when there is no better reason than that  "I Should" ... don't call me paranoid.   Just because I'm paranoid, that doesn't mean that someone wants to kill me.

He gets out of Prison in a few years, with "good behavior": , and who knows who friends he may have made and who are willing to kill me as the last surviving adult member of the family.

There IS someone out there, who wants to kill me.
 I testified at his trial.   He probably has "friends". from prison.

I've said  this before: I'll say it again, every year..

I'll carry to my dying day, and I don't much care who thinks I'm paranoid.

Oh, yes; there were guns in the home, locked in the closet, and everyone knew where they were, when my wife and her mother were murdered with a Dan Wesson .44 Magnum.

They didn't do any good for the people who didn't know they had to defend themselves against a loved Family Member.

Who can you trust?

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