Friday, May 05, 2017

How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

"Practice!  Practice!   Practice!"

I've elevated my P3AT to my primary EDC because I don't like the difficulty of concealing a big chunk of iron.

Which means, of course, that I need to start practicing with the poodle-shooter.

What to do ... what to do ...  what to do?  

Bright idea ... I bought a case of .380 from Ammoman (Hi, Eric) and when it comes I'll be spending an extra hour every week working with the "minigun".

It's important that I know the little guy works with the kind of ammunition I expect to run in it.  I tried the cheapest practice ammo I could find a couple of years ago, and it fed like a ... well, like a well-oiled machine.

But then I tried some relatively expensive "defensive" ammunition ... and the little mutt didn't like it at all!   It acted as if the OAL was wrong (either too long or too short) and I had to manually feed the gun at least once in every magazine.   Or it just doesn't like hollow-point ammunition, I don't know.

So forget that!

I'll take the cheap stuff, if it feeds.


Anonymous said...

Friends don't let their friends carry .380s

Jerry The Geek said...

Friends know that carrying a mouse gun is better than carrying nothing at all.

If accosted, I'll leave.

If encountered, it will be at too close a range to disengage.

A mouse gun works just fine, if you assume it's pushing against the abdominal wall when it goes off.

Other than that? I don't want to "win" a gun fight; I want to avoid one, or at least survive one.

Mark said...

My wife worked for the DA. She says more mayhem has been done with .22's than all others combined. They have the stats. I still carry a .45 though.

Rivrdog said...

Jerry, look up "fluff & buff". Your feeding problems will be solved, BUT...I had a P3AT fire out of battery once. Ugly result. Gun show reload, might have been double charged. Blew part of the case butt off, blew the mag out of the gun.

Kel-Tec replaced the gun, after chewing me out for shooting reloads. When it came, 3 months later, I examined it. Good thing - the firing pin was jammed EXTENDED!!!!! Rather than send it back, I smithed it myself. Tore down the slide in detail, found tolerance of the pin to it's channel was too tight, relieved the pin, ran fine after.

Have since replaced the P3AT with the cloned-from-it Ruger. Ruger LOVES BB 102gr hardcast, and at 300+ pounds-feet, it make the mouser a SERIOUS contender with both snubby 38s and even pocket Nines.