Friday, May 05, 2017

Oregon Senate passes gun-control bill

Oregon Senate passes gun-control bill – KOBI-TV NBC5 / KOTI-TV NBC2: \\SALEM, Ore. – A bill that would prohibit certain individuals from owning “deadly weapons” passed through the Oregon Senate Monday. Senate Bill 719 passed with a 17-11 vote and will head to the House of Representatives for a first reading. Supporters say the law will get guns out of the hands of people who could hurt themselves or others, but pro-gun groups say it violates constitutional rights. 
Um  .. yes.  It will definitely allow the State to confiscate guns from otherwise law-abiding owners.

It will also allow disenfranchised family members to wreck their wrath on gun owners that they do not like.

It's difficult to imagine any proposed law which would be more likely to provide a disservice to the public, but the Democratic Senators in Oregon have exceeded all expectations.

This "bill" (soon to become "this law", I have no doubt), serves no purpose but to enfranchise mean people to screw family members that they don't like.

It would/will allow anti-gun politicians to step aside with clean skirts, while they watch families break apart under the guise of law.

The purpose here is to remove firearms from the possession of otherwise law-abiding citizens; it serves the purpose of only those who have no faith in the Second Amendment, to pursue their anti-constitutional agenda while teasing one's own family to act as the agent of The State.

Or at least, unpaid agents provocateur of the politicians who do not like the Second Amendment.

People who love the Constitution will soon discover that this bill, if/when enacted, is the tool for revenge and retribution, serving the purpose only of the disaffected family members with a serious bone to pick.

It does not serve any Constitutional purpose; it does not provide for the Public Safety.

Instead, it enlists the aid of families who feel anger, and gives them a tool by which they can express their ire.  They do not need to define the reason why they think their cousin should be denied his/her Constitutional Rights.

In stead, it provides a safe and easy tool to "take down" someone they just ... don't ... like.

In a perfect community we would embrace the various means of expression which the Constitution offers.  Instead, in this imperfect community, our own elected representatives have proposed this evil bill which will put one cousin against another, and undermine the rights of one with no need for justification on the part of the other.

We all know sick families; it's no less sick when our elected representatives take advantage of this familial dissatisfaction to further their presonal political agenda.

I had thought that politicians could not possibly sink lower on the scale of humanity.

Well, I guess I was wrong.

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Anonymous said...

Is this a law that the people of Portlandia would embrace?