Sunday, April 30, 2017

The FBI Knew

The FBI Knew about plans to attack "DRAW MOHAMMED" event in Garland

60 Minutes investigates first ISIS-claimed attack in U.S. and what the FBI knew - CBS News:
(March 26, 2017)
The terror attack in Garland, Texas, two years ago was the first claimed by ISIS on U.S. soil.
But the FBI had an "agent" (note: probably "paid informer") watching as the two men stormed past the security gate.    There was apparently no other FBI presence at the scene.
More than 100 people were gathered inside and the event was ending when two terrorists drove up to a checkpoint manned by a Garland police officer and a school security guard. This grainy image shows both law-enforcement personnel standing next to an unmarked police car seconds before the attack. Bruce Joiner, the security guard, was unarmed.
Bruce Joiner: It’s like they pull up, stop, and the doors open.
Anderson Cooper: Do you remember seeing the weapon?
Bruce Joiner: Oh, yeah. Definitely saw their weapon. And that’s when I locked onto his face ‘cause he’s got this smile.
Anderson Cooper: He was literally smiling?
Bruce Joiner: Yeah, like, “I got ya. I got ya.”  
The two terorrists (sic) opened fire with automatic rifles. Joiner dove for cover, but was shot in the leg. Officer Greg Stevens, returned fire with his handgun. Police nearby ran toward the scene.
The informer drove away.

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Anonymous said...

That Garland Police officer was a good shot under fire. He took down two AK shooting terrorists with his service pistol.