Tuesday, May 02, 2017

About the Berkeley Riots ..

About the Berkeley Riots ..

You realize, of course, that there is one time-honored practice which has always undermined civil unrest during student riots.

A Sweet young thing standing off to the side with a pony keg tap in her hand, whispering breathlessly:

"Free Beer".

Trust me, they will hear her.  Gravitate to her side,     Forgetting all of their anarchist theology, they cleave to their true inner priorities.

Sex. Booze and Rock 'n Roll.

Okay, so you gotta add a Fillopino trio to the mix, playing "Inna-Gadda-Da-Vido (badly).

It's a toss-up, but marginally better than a riot.

(Below: 17 minutes of The Real Thing!)


Mark said...

Once again exposing idiocy.

Anonymous said...

Jeeze, thank you Geek. 17minutes of sheer bliss listening to the original Iron Butterfly belting out In A Gadda Da Vida. Now that is music. Almost as good as disco.
P.S. for some reason my wife did not appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

On second though In A Gadda Da Vida should be the USPSA theme song. It captures the essence of USPSA, speed, power and accuracy.

Gordon R. Durand said...

Ditto Anonymous. I haven't listened to the whole thing in probably forty years. Damn, it's better than I remembered! (Not much classic rock is.)

My LP is long gone. Anybody know a good CD? I hate these "remastered" things with the hip-hop mix.

Anonymous said...

Every once in awhile the Geek provides a real musical public service.