Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Bottle Control

N.Y. liquor store owner beaten to death with wine bottle in heist - NY Daily News:

A Rochester liquor store owner was beaten to death with a wine bottle during a heist that occurred inside her shop, police say. Mother-of-three Charlotte Lahr, 46, was found lying unconscious inside South Ave. Wine and Liquor Thursday when a customer called for help to the scene. Authorities’ efforts to revive the woman were unsuccessful. Local parolee Kevin Quander, 59, was arrested and charged with third-degree murder and robbery the next day, thanks to surveillance footage of the crime and fingerprints that investigators were able to retrieve from the scene.
The problem isn't Gun Violence.

It's Violence.

This tragedy didn't have to happen.   You have to be desperate, or an idiot (or both) to commit such a heinous crime.


Anonymous said...

Personally if I was working a liquor store alone, I would be armed; however, it isn't always easy to get a pistol license in NY.

Will Flatt said...

Whaddaya expect? NYC is a gun-free, (read: victim disarmament) zone. I'll be glad when Trump signs national carry reciprocity into law, because then it will be a short hop skip and jump to get a national concealed carry law that would allow people like this unfortunate clerk to be armed in spite of local antigun ordinances.