Sunday, February 28, 2016

Every armed person is someone just waiting to become a criminal

According to YDR.COM: "Every armed person is someone just waiting to become a criminal":

 In reality, every armed individual is someone just waiting to become a criminal. If you believe so strongly in the Second Amendment, then you should arm yourself with a musket and a flintlock pistol, because that is what the founders had in mind when they established the Constitution.

Okay, thank you so very much for clarifying the issue of the "Embarrassing Second Amendment".

I had (foolishly, it seems) thought it had something to do with the  individual right of each (person) to protect his/her person, family and property.   You know, like the First Amendment acknowledged the right of each individual to speak their mind, regardless of how inconvenient and embarrassing those thoughts might be to someone who did not agree with them.

I certainly did not understand that, while the First Amendment still protects the right of free speech regardless of the media (such as television, radio, etc. which did not exist in the 18th century when the constitution was written), the Second Amendment does not protect semi-automatic weapons, "assault rifles", etc. because they did not exist in the 18th century.

Therefore, while everyman may carry a pencil (or an IPOD, or a cell phone, or a pocket camera), he may not carry a 1911 style pistol (for example) because eighteenth century technology RULZ!

It had .. and I'm being entirely candid here ... never occurred to me that the First Amendment Rights were predicated on the CONCEPT of thought, but Second Amendment Rights are predicated on TECHNOLOGY.

Okay, I've got that clear in my mind now.  And I cannot tell you how grateful I am to YDR.COM for clearing up that niggling little difference between the First Amendment to the Constitution and the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

The things you can learn from the Internet.

Oops.  Sorry ... they didn't have that Internet thingie in the 18th Century, did they?

Okay, so I guess you're just full of shit.

Never mind.

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Anonymous said...

It is true. It is said that by just owning and/or possessing a firearm, even the mildest mannered and law abiding person puts themselves at risk of the firearm taking over their mind-body and compelling them to become a mass killer.