Thursday, March 03, 2016

Celebrity Opinions

James Woods: Don’t Confirm Obama SCOTUS Nominee - ‘Just Ignore Him, as He Does the Law’: “This could not be simpler,” Woods tweeted. “Absolutely, do not confirm an #Obama SCOTUS nominee. Don’t discuss it; just ignore him, as he does the law.”
This could not be simpler.

Ignore Celebrity Opinions.

Even when they appear to agree with you,

You have nothing to win,  and a great deal to lose, when they turn on you after you embrace them.


Anonymous said...

But what if they (celebs) leave us? Miley Cyrus is already threatening to twerk her way to Canada or maybe Nigeria if The Donald is elected.

Anonymous said...

James Woods offers good advice, but will the republican senate follow it?

Mark said...

Vote for Trump. Al Sharpton said he will leave if Trump elected.

Jerry The Geek said...

2 of 3 comments minimize the "down side"; We can do without Miley and Al, but how do you solve a problem like The Donald? (QUE "Sound of Music")