Sunday, February 28, 2016

Fear and Loathing on .. college campus?

COMMENTARY: NRA stifling academic freedom:
The gun lobby has seized on this environment of academic stifling, promoting firearms as the answer to an array of problems on campuses and beyond. Don’t want to get raped? Carry a gun, or it’s your own fault. The best way to prevent an active-shooter situation? Everyone pack heat.
Apparently, the "people" on college campus in South Jersey are not only outraged, but actively revolted by the proposition that students, staff and faculty are now legally 'permitted' to exercise their Second Amendment rights on the grounds of the college campus.

Oh, bad.
Not only bad, but WAY bad!

That conservative forces have long sought to squash dissent and curtail rigorous academic debate on campuses is far from a secret. From the militarization of many campuses, academic repression of faculty, excessive and difficult-to-navigate bureaucracies, limitations on free speech and more, college students, staff and faculty members today face many challenges as they seek to explore, debate and take action on critical and difficult issues.
Huh?  What the HEY??
College instructors, teachers, professors and other academicians no longer feel safe when they are brainwashing  drilling instructing teaching their students in the Next Generation of Progressiveness?  Oh, that's just SO bad!

Texas passed a campus-carry law that is set to take effect on Aug. 1. Already, professors at the University of Houston were told that once the new law is effective, they might want to “be careful discussing sensitive topics,” “drop certain topics from your curriculum,” “ ‘Not go there’ if you sense anger,” “limit students’ access off hours,” “go to appointment-only office hours” and “only meet ‘that student’ in controlled circumstances.”
Oh.  Okay, I get it.

Since students, staff and faculty are now allowed to carry guns on campus, the faculty (the staunch conservators of "Liberal Thought" (and no other) are worried that if they preach a gospel which is not kindly received by their drones students,  said students might respond by shooting their professors!

(Yeah, right.  Like THAT is going to happen! Ammunition is expensive, y'know?  Hammers are cheaper.)

And they (the staff and faculty on South Jersey campuses) are worried that "conservative forces" might "squash dissent and curtail rigorous debate on campuses"?

And "they" (supposedly, the students) might register their dissent by shooting their erudite/liberal/progressive professors?

[Well, I guess that getting SHOT might occasionally have an adverse effect on Progressive brainwashing instruction. But in reality, Progressives are so head-in-the-clouds  clueless, chances are that they would not even notice their colleagues being murdered in the next room.  They are THAT distanced from reality .... and the level of true "intellectual thought" can, as a consequence, go no-where but UP!]

And this is "A Bad Thing"?

Or is this just another version of "... rigorous academic debate ...."?

Kitchen/Heat/Exit strategy?

Frankly, I fail to perceive the problem.

Okay, okay;  it may result in a slight winnowing of the faculty, but still;

 where's the Down Side?


Anonymous said...

The great majority of academia intellectuals are adamantly opposed to ownership of firearms by non governmental entries. This is a fact of educational life.

Anonymous said...

Many collage-university students are filled with fear and insecurity.