Sunday, February 28, 2016

Obama's Parthian Shot at America: HIV

Obama Opens the Border to More STDs | Center for Immigration Studies:

In his first year in office, President Obama lifted an entry ban on foreigners with HIV. In his final year in office he will lift the entry ban on three more sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The president's own Health and Human Services department says this guarantees more infections in the United States, proving once again that immigration is the defining issue for politicians like Obama. Increased immigration trumps all other concerns.
I've left this post to lie fallow for a few days, because (a) I'm just mad as hell, and (b) I'm not sure what I can contribute to the story.

The answer is (c) there's nothing that I can add.  Y'all just gonna have to figure out for yourselves how you feel about this.

Certainly I was not aware that Obama was allowing foreigners with such pernicious infectious diseases to infest our country.

I'm not particularly surprised ... but this is the kind of thing which one tends to reject because

It Can't Possibly Be True!

but it is,


Anonymous said...

Is it possible that our president actuallly does not like our County, and wants to harm it, or is this the fundamental change we were promised.

Anonymous said...

Simple. This will present a major challenge to our health care system, decrease the general health of the population and provide more voters likely to vote the democrat ticket for decades to come.