Friday, March 04, 2016

New California Gun Laws 2016

New California Gun Laws 2016 "EDITED READ DESCRIPTION" - YouTube:
Published on Jan 1, 2016

California is going NUTS on it's new restrictions on Firearms Ownership.   It's increasingly obvious the CIOs (Chief Idiots in Charge) have the goal of pecking the Second Amendment to death via laws which nibble around the edges until honest citizens just throw up their hands and say "Enough, Already!"

(Including Background Checks on EACH AND EVERY Ammunition Sale and an ammunition permit fee !)

This ten minute video * provides a worth-looking-at summary.  If California gets away with these anti-constitutional laws, other states will try them too.

The cited bill ... SB1446 regarding magazine capacity limits, can be read here,

EDITED READ CORRECTION: A Firearm Restraining Order can only be applied for by IMMEDIATE FAMILY!! 2016 is going to be another fight for California on the Gun Control front. With new laws affecting us every year the fight never ends. To help fight back please check out and Fight Gavin Newsom in 2016 and say no to more Ammo and Gun Restrictions


Anonymous said...

If the life of one child is saved and ammo is kept out of the hands of illegals.

Anonymous said...

People deserve the government they elect.