Tuesday, March 01, 2016

"Smart" ideas about "Smart" guns

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*(David Codrea writes about Politics and Gun Control measures)

Obama wants the next large purchase of firearms for the military to focus on "safe" guns rather than "lethal" guns; not everyone is convinced that this shift in priorities it the best way for our Military to serve their nation.  As David Codrea suggests:

 Depending on who wins the presidency look for this nonsense to be rescinded if a Republican is elected, or expanded with a vengeance if Hillary or Bernie grab the brass ring. If that’s the case, and note this is being written before it’s even determined who the opposing candidates will be, there’s one other option that could be tried: Propose a bill requiring that before “smart guns” can be mandated on gun owners, they must be the exclusive weapons assigned to the presidential Secret Service protective detail.
I think this is a Smart Idea.

Any leader should be willing to expose himself to the same perils and limitations as those people he leads.

That's the leadership principle I was taught when I was in the military as an NCO, and I'm pretty sure that concept is taught in ANY "leadership" school in the nation.

A leader should not ask more of his cadre than he is willing, and able, to do himself.

Obviously, that doesn't necessarily apply at the 'highest levels of government', but if it did then perhaps our Fearless Leaders might pay a little more attention to the peril to which they have exposed their 'underlings' when they impose Draconiam restrictions on the people who are charged with their lives to enforce National policy.

Unfortunately our Dear Leader is more willing to impose restrictions than to protect rights; more prepared to suffer criticism than to suffer consequences; and more of a figure-head than a leader.

Which defines him as less qualified to be a Leader than the lowest Non-Commissioned member of any of our armed services.

As the Clintons had no respect for the Secret Service members who were charged to protect them, to the point of sacrificing them to protect the "National Leadership", some of us had more respect for the working men and women of the Service than we had for their bosses.

On the contrary, Obama seems to have had a very good working relationship wish his Secret Service protection detail.

Which strongly suggests that it's not the Political Party which occupies the White House as much as it is the trash which sometimes infiltrates ... and yes, I am pointing my fingers at the Clintons.

I don't agree with all of our current president's policies, but he seems to be a better person than "The Man From Hope".  And even if the First Lady seems like a food nazi (never mind) she would have to work hard to become the Harridan from Hope.

At least he's not Rich White Trash.


Anonymous said...

After tonight, it is hard not to visualize the Donald as the republican nominee, and probably our next president.

Mark said...

Aw come on, you can come up with abetter insult than "rich white trash".

Anonymous said...

Less than lethal guns for the military fits into the CinC's kinder and gentler ROE for our military.

Jerry The Geek said...

There is a fine line between "insult" and "epithet".
I will cross that line if and when needed.

My best hope is "NONE OF THE ABOVE" will be elected.