Thursday, February 11, 2016

Al Jazeera America objects to Republicans who insist on voter photo IDs

Republicans Champion Voter ID Laws | Al Jazeera America:

Voting rights advocates say that what voter ID laws are really good at is making it more difficult for a particular subset of Americans to vote; primarily low-income black and Latino citizens — groups who tend to vote for Democratic candidates. The relative lack of academic data on voter suppression can make it a difficult argument to prove or dismiss. Voter ID proponents, for example, often point to studies showing an increase in black voter turnout in some states after voter ID laws took effect, while opponents highlight studies in other states that show the opposite result. Perez finds turnout to be an inherently flawed metric.
Has anyone suggested this in Chicago?


Anonymous said...

Don't mess with the dead democrat vote.

Mark said...

Voter suppression is BS, but Fraud is real. Just look north to King County WA.