Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Hello. My name is Johnny CasSSSccccrreeeeech LAWDOG!

One of the most entertaining blogs since Kim De Tuit has resurfaced and I'm pleased to welcome LAWDOG back!

I have been a faithful follower of Brother LAWDOG for several years, but on April 15 of 2015 he just ... quit posting!

Bummer, Dude!

This morning, I found a link to his most recent post

apparently, he resumed posting on February 01, 2015.

The most recent post was February 08, 2015 ... two days ago.

Excuse my unseemly excitement, but I've missed The Dog.

I strongly encourage you to go check out the blog.   Texas lawman, laconic sense of humor, erudite and amusing.

Public attention encourages men who provide sunshine on cloudy days.

What's not to like?

(It has been too long since I was able to use the LAWDOG label on my posts)

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Anonymous said...

What kind of sick twisted mind thinks that Texas isn't the greatest and best place in the world to live?