Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Brits Are At It Again

Last September, a 15-year-old Manchester (England) boy was shot gun by gang members because he refused frequent 'offers' to join their gang. His mother said that this 'humiliated' the gang members, and that is why they shot him.

Where were the police? They were doing their usual dithering best, which is the same as saying they were busy sitting on their thumbs in preference to doing their job.

There comes a point when one grows tired of pointing out that firearms confiscation, "gun control" laws, and Politically Correct approaches to Law Enforcement are demonstrably not serving the greater good of the law-abiding community.

This is PC speak for "The cops are a worthless drain on Society, why don't they just fire them all? The results would be no worse, and at least they could save some money to prop up their ineffective Socialist Health Care Program."

The Brits have a biased view of American society, which is that we're all a bunch of gun-mad cowboys. This provides them with a convenient distraction from the the deficits of their Nanny State which does not protect its citizens (Subjects?) from predators, but serves only to disarm the law-abiding ... to the detriment of the law-abiding.

We could say that our own 'cowboys' have guns of their own, but many states and municipalities continue to emulate the European example in that they attempt to provide cradle-to-the-grave Socialist programs (which they can't really afford to fund) while using every dirty trick they can think of to take guns out of the hands of the people who are trying to obey the law -- when it is not too stupid to be taken seriously.

I know, I know ... "run-on sentence". I'm on a roll here, bear with me.

I'm six thousand miles away from these Socialist Idiots. I don't have to live under the failed system which does not protect its citizens. Still, I'm outraged at the track record they ("The Brits") have accumulated for jailing the law-abiding while they subject their resident Barbarians with "Anti-Social Behavior Orders". (ASBO)

This is a legal device by which they cry shame on their predators, to no effect at all because it has no teeth.

Tell me, if you were a Brit and you were an Animal, and if you were served with an ASBO, would it give you pause in your predations on your fellow man if you were warned that "if you continue in your anti-social behavior, we'll be very, very angry"?

Well, probably not. And this is the kind of control on which Britain relies to keep their animals at bay.

Note to Britain: it ain't working.

Second note to Britain: eventually, you will have to arm your coppers and set them to cleaning up Dodge City. Sooner is preferable to Later. If you cease your dithering, you may still have a few Honest Citizens left by the time you're done.

I'm just saying ..

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