Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Shot Fortunate, Shot Political

Two offerings here.

First, from the Miami Herald, an unarmed security guard encounters armed intruders and fights them off although outnumbered and outgunned. During the struggle, he is held by one assailant while another (the one with the gun) takes a shot at him. The guard manages to duck the shot, allowing the armed thug to shoot his buddy in the eye.

The guard escaped. The eye-shot thug is in the hospital and "is not doing well".

I think this is one for Kim Du Tuit's 'Goblin Count', and I wouldn't criticize the armed thug for being a bad shot, either.

This sounds like a 'Karate Kid' moment, in that the guard allowed his opponent to defeat himself.

Okay, Corey Tully ... take the rest of the day off. You did well, Grasshopper.


In our second, WND pundit Doug Powers pontificates on the "Shot Pandered 'round The World". It's not often that I quote opinion articles, but when I read it I found myself muttering "Damn! I wish I had wrote that." Here's the multi-paragraph money quote:

Watching people like John Edwards and Hillary Clinton vie for the presidency on a platform of doing something about the health care system is a little like Michael Vick running for dog catcher with promises of getting strays off the street.

In witnessing the slapstick-style irony of a man like John Edwards chastising the high cost of health care in this country, I felt as if I were watching the Menendez brothers whining about being orphans. But then, we live in a country where the foremost proponent of leading us toward a "better" health system is a morbidly obese filmmaker, so it's no wonder so many are as confused as Paris Hilton trying to solve a Rubik's Cube on a Tilt-a-Whirl.

Remember back in 2004 when Edwards said, in his now famous "Vermin on the Mount" speech, that if he and his running mate John Kerry were elected,
"people like Christopher Reeve will walk again"? Well, Christopher Reeve never did walk again. Why? Because Kerry and Edwards weren't elected. Let's not make the same mistake again

Go, read The Whole Thing.

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