Monday, August 13, 2007

Pistol Maintenance

One of the bad things about being a Geek is that folks expect you to know what you're doing, especially when it comes to computers.

Worse, when you're a Gun Geek, folks expect you to know at least a little bit about guns.

I admit, with Computers I know a bit about Applications Software, but when the Blue Bird of Happiness fries my PC ... it's a hardware problem.

It's the same with the Geek Gun. No matter what happens, chances are it's a hardware problem.

I've chronicled the unreliability blues for months now, which has perhaps been a source of continued jocularity to my readers.

On the first weekend of June, I thought it was bad ammunition.

Then on Father's day, I realized that the gun works a lot better if you use oil as a lubricant, rather than gun cleaner (which was in a similar container in my range bag).

By the end of June, I decided I was using cold-weather lubrication rather than warm-weather lubrication.

At this point, the situation was becoming an embarrassment. So for the CCS Section Match in July I made it a point to clean the gun and use lots of good, heavy lubrication. The result was better, but still not right. On the very first stage (and a couple of stages later), I was still experiencing hesitations because the gun wouldn't quite go into battery. Especially when the gun was cold.

Now it's August, and since I haven't been doing a lot of shooting this month I've had time to do a little thinking.

My thinking is .... Recoil Spring!

That's right, I realized that I haven't changed the recoil spring in the Geek Gun for over two years.

Bad Geek! Go sit on your rug.

My next move was to order a couple of 10# ISMI Recoil Springs from Chuck Bradley at Shooters Connection. Chuck was quick to send me a pair, which I installed on the STI open guns that SWMBO and I are using. (I hope Dave Skinner of STI isn't reading this; he would be ashamed of me.)

I installed them this weekend, and SWMBO and I will be at the range during this week, or perhaps Saturday or Sunday, to wring 'em out.

The funny thing is, the recoil spring I replaced was longer than the replacement; except in SWMBO's gun, which I probably replaced last year and forgot about. (I tend to be more conscientious with her gear than with mine.)

You're probably as tired of reading my pissy "the gun ain't runnin'" stories as I am of writing them. If there's a God in IPSC (besides the self-proclaimed Gods), the gun will finally go back to running in its normal, 100% reliable manner and I'll have to find another excuse for my poor performance at matches.

I'm thinking ... how about 2 of the 5 scope-mount screws are missing?

No, that's not working. It's my job to locktite the screws in, right?

Okay, I'll do that tomorrow. Or later today.

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