Thursday, August 16, 2007

USPSA Member Prefixes Decoded

Shamelessly stealing from Rob B.'s post on the Brian Enos Forum:
The complete list:
A - Annual
B - Benefactor
CA - Charter
CAL - Charter Annual Life - CA members who have converted to Life
members. This allows CA members to upgrade to life without losing a "super cool"
member number
CL - Charter Life
F - Foreign
FL - Foreign Life
- Five Year
FYF - Five Year Foreign
HCL - Honorary Chairman Life, issued
to Colonel Jeff Cooper
L - Life
RD - Regional Director - USPSA President
the get an RD number and get to keep it for the remainder of their life
S - Sponsor - Not sure of the details - there is one member with
an "S" number
TY - Three Year
TYF - Three Year Foreign

The mystery about the "Sponsor" membership is easy to solve. "S1" is "Skip R", joined in 1994, has a Limited Division classification of 57%, shot one match in Open Division for score in 1991, and has 19 classifier scores in Limited Division ranging from 1997 to 2002.

I'm disappointed that "Skip R" hasn't filed a classifier in 5 years, and more disappointed that we don't know who he is.

"Benefactors" are interesting. Many of them are actually Sponsors. Read: "Vendors" Without more research, I can't tell you what the relative coste between "Sponsor" and "Benefactor memberships are, but I belive that the "Benefactor" membership cost is on the order of $5,000 (all of these "Special" membership categories include Life Membership in USPSA.)

I COULD tell you who the Charter and Benefactor members are, but then you would have to kill me.

I wouldn't like that.

Perhaps it's best that we just let it go, and acknowledge that these USPSA members are among those who are working hardes to encourage USPSA as a viable competitive sport, and are willing to put their money, as they say, where their mouth is.


I just want to shoot. My Three-year and, lately, Five-year memberships reflect my wish to save money when paying for membership in an organization of which I expect to be a member for a long, long time.

But not $5000 worth of "long time".

H/T to Rob B., and The Brian Enos Forum.

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