Saturday, August 18, 2007

Shootout at Saddle Butte - Part I

Albany Rifle & Pistol Club is hosting the 2007 Oregon State Championship for the Single Action Society.

This is an annual event at ARPC for a couple of reasons. First, the sport is very popular in the Mid-Willamette valley of Oregon, and second the facilities at ARPC lend themselves quite nicely to Major Matches. Lots of bays with lots of room; lots of fields for lots of parking, dinner tents and vendor areas. Easy freeway access, within 90 drive of major airport, etc etc etc. (Shades of Yul Brynner abound here.)

SWMBO and I spent a couple of hours today (Saturday 8/18/07) walking the range, talking to the competitors and doing a lot of shooting ... using "Open Division" type compact video cameras.

The results of our picture taking can be seen at the "Shootout at Saddle Butte" album on Jerry the Geek's Video Shooting Gallery. So far, we've only posted 81 and two edited videos. We still have a few videos to edit and post here, plust we expect to spend a couple more hours tomorrow (Sunday) on the last match of the day to see what happens at "The End Of The Trail".

This sport, briefly, looks little like IPSC but the denizens of the Cowboy Corral sound a lot like IPSC shooters:

"Don't get too in interested in this, it's addictive!"

"I started this because (name your spouse, friend or co-worker) liked it. I stick with it because the people are so darned nice."

Abbreviated post tonite. You can spend the day looking at the pictures, clink the link.

More Sunday night, perhaps I won't get around to editing and posting all of the pictures for a couple of days.

It'll be worth the wait.

Two words: Colorful Characters!

I've got a video here, which (along with a lot of still pictures) you can also find at Jerry the Geek's Video Shooting Gallery.

Of course, you realize that this isn't Cowboy Mounted Shooting.

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