Thursday, April 12, 2018

They Say The Fault Line Runs Right Through Here

Sometimes, one cannot help but wish that the Pacific Coast Fault Line would truncate the California coastal area, so the rest of California could just be part of America:  as long as it took Sacramento.

California man arrested for bringing 'assault rifle, large capacity magazines' from Nevada:
 Authorities in Contra Costa County announced the arrest of a man who allegedly smuggled guns and magazines legally bought in Nevada into California where they are banned. 
Oh dear ... he violated the law which says he is in California, and no longer in America?   I've been to California; they have check stations at the border where troopers ask if you have any fruits or vegetables.  But they don't ask about munitions.  Is that fair?

 The man, Virgilio Salazar, 50, of Antioch, was arrested late last month as part of a task force effort after he allegedly purchased guns and magazines in Nevada and brought them back to the San Francisco Bay Area to resell. Police seized “a .223 Colt AR-15 assault rifle, CZ 9mm semi-auto assault pistol, three large capacity rifle magazines, and two large capacity pistol magazines,” during a search of Salazar’s home. 
That could have been me!

Whether he bought them to 'resell' is controversial, and immaterial.  The POINT is, he had an "assault rifle" (legally undefined), and "assault pistol" (nobody has any idea what THAT is), and various "large capacity magazines" in his possession.  (Nobody knows what number of round-capacity defines a "large capacity" magazine, either, except that it's a Really Bad Thing!)
 He was booked on felony charges under California law that include importing an assault rifle, possession of an assault rifle, and importing large capacity magazines. 
It would be asking too much for the news feed to cite the laws which Salazar is purported to have violated; but it would be nice if they DID tell us what the laws were so we could know when we were felons in California when we were not felons in ... say ... Oregon for possession of the same standard equipment.  (see: Gun Laws By State)
Salazar was released on $300,000 bail. Of note, the Contra Costa County Superior Court felony bail schedule, by comparison, sets bail for those charged with rape at $100,000 and child beating at $50,000.
Well, that's good to know, and thank you Guns-dot-Com for providing the comparative standards of Justice in California.

I have children and grand-children residing in California.  It's reassuring to know that California law is more concerned about magazines capable of holding more than x-number of rounds than the well-being of my grand-daughter.

If the coastal fault line runs through California (and it does), and if there Is A God In Heaven, it would be nice if He deleted Sacramento and its Liberal politicians but left the Secret Hidden Bunker where my grandchildren live.

Because frankly, I think they are in more danger from the Liberals who run the state, than from a guy who owns magazine holding more than 6 rounds.

Or whatever.

But it's good to know that I can no longer safely visit my grandchildren, because I don't travel under-armed, and I don't travel light.  Thank you again, California, for causing me to fear prison because I wish to defend myself against assailants ... including the No-Longer-Great State of California!

File under:  (Insane Clown Posse Liberals)

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Anonymous said...

The Ring Of Fire is becoming more active. California is within that ring.

Anonymous said...

Just think, California may be the model for the future U.S.