Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Anti-gun Terrorism

A half century ago, a bunch of ignorant pecker-heads burned the homes, businesses and churches of Americans because they didn't like the color of their skin

We've come a long way, Baby!
(Uh ... no, we haven't.)

North Carolina Gun Range Goes Up In Flames In Obvious Case Of Arson:
USA – -( Early Monday morning, a North Carolina gun range, Triad Active Shooters Klub (TASK), outside Greensboro/Winston Salem North Carolina lost multiple structures and covered firing ports in an apparent case of sophisticated and deliberate arson carried out by numerous unknown perpetrators.
This was not a mere act of vandalism; it was an attempt to deprive a group of law-abiding Americans their constitutional rights.     No, it wasn't really a home, a business or a church.

But for people who embrace and practice their right to Keep and Bear Arms, a shooting range has similar elements.

A shooting range is a business, in the sense that people pay money to build and operate it.

It's not a residence, but for People of The Gun, a shooting range is where they go to relax and enjoy their hobby, to meet with friends and people of a like mind.

And although it would be a stretch of the imagination to call a shooting range a Church, the members of a gun club celebrate their Constitutional Rights with the reasonable expectation that it will be respected by sane citizens ... even if non-members don't agree with their practices or their philosophy.

This is AMERICA, people!

Are marksmen, hunters, defenders of hearth and home to be the target (excuse the irony) of hateful extremists?

A bit of advice: Tread softly on the toes of Men With Guns.

And remember ... they fired first.


Anonymous said...

some elements of our culture are going absolutely insane.

Archer said...

As other bloggers have noted, "We [gun owners] are the New Negroes."

The historical parallels are too numerous to list, and include (but are not limited to):
- Efforts to disparage and deny the free speech and free assembly rights of the Wrong Sort of People[TM].
- Efforts to bar the Wrong Sort of People[TM] from Polite Society among the Right Sort of People[TM].
- Public campaigns accusing the Wrong Sort of People[TM] of mixed breeding, physical and mental inadequacies, and general sub-human heritage.
- Public campaigns by the Right Sort of People[TM] to deny money lending services to the Wrong Sorts of Businesses[TM].
- Physical vandalism and arson against the Wrong Sorts of Businesses[TM].

You get the picture, I'm sure. Gun owners are the new "Wrong Sort of People[TM]". Or, put the other way, "We are the New Negroes."

As a curious aside, this isn't the first "gun range arson" I've seen or heard of. TriTac Shooting Solutions in our very own Salem, OR, was gutted by a fire a couple years ago. The fire was reported to have been started in a dumpster next to the building, and authorities suspected arson.

Thankfully, TriTac rebuilt and reopened. Not every business is so fortunate.

Jerry The Geek said...

I think I catch the general drift of your arguments, although I do wish you would have been more clear. I think I've just decided on a new name for "People Of The Gun".

I think we should refer to ourselves as "Triggers".