Wednesday, April 11, 2018

I never owned an M14

When I was in Basic Training back in 19-(mumble) I was trained on the M14.

What's not to like?  Major Power cartridge, wooden stock, weighed about 80 pounds and sights were exceedingly sucky.   But it had ... options.  You could actually go full-auto with The Beast, although nobody ever did so except by accident.

So I'm not going to be able to add that to my collection of American Military Rifles.

Unfortunately, I've got another hole in my collection, which is the M16.

I never liked the M16 because of a lot of reasons:  I shot them in training, if only a few rounds, and it was impossible to keep it on target because of the light weight (unlike the M14).   A few years later, a friend of mine invited us to his 'ranch' and let us all try his *legal* M16.

Older and wiser I was, but unable to resist;  I discovered that the damn thing still pulled high-and-right with every shot and I still suffered from the CHS syndrome.

(CHS:   "Can't Hit SHIT!)

So as I've replaced the M14 with the M1 Garand, I need to replace the M16 with an M15.  Just for the synchronicity of it all, you understand.

Anyone know were I can pick one up for a reasonable (old retired guy living on Social Security and Popcorn Farts) price?

There was a time when I was in possession of 30+ magazines for the M15/M16, but I gave them away.   It's funny how one becomes generous when one has magazines and no rifle to run them.

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