Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Jack-booted Thugs? I think not.

Police and Gun Owners come in two flavors:   "Good People" and "Not-So-Good People".
As responsible Gun Owners, we have an obligation to each other to stay in the first flavor.

There are millions of Americans who believe that gun owners are inclined toward violence. 

You and I know that is not true ... gun owners are among the most peaceful people in America.   We don't need to over-react to perceived slights or injustice.  We believe in the Laws which protect our rights.

When we speak about our Second Amendment Rights, we need to be precise in the words we use, lest they be misconstrued by folks who "are not yet sure" what to think about us:

Stop Gun Confiscation Orders In Your State | Current Action Alerts:
 So here’s what happens when a Gun Confiscation Order is issued in your name: the police or SWAT team arrives at your door to ransack your home and, if you resist, to arrest or even shoot you and your family.
I know, it is a dramatic statement; one which emphasizes the question of "just how far ARE the police authorized to go when a citizen resists confiscation?"

It all depends on the definition of "resist".   

One can only assume that the term includes resistance by violence ... which puts an entirely different color on the word "resist".   This seems to be the definition implied by the author of the quote.

Most of us would assume that when we "resist" confiscation of our legally owned fire-arms, we intend vehemence in discussion and/or requiring the advocacy of a lawyer to protest an unjust persecution of the gun owner.   None of these legitimate modes of resistance would have dramatic consequences to the gun owners or their families.   Or the police, or the neighbors, or their children.

But when the word "resist" postulates violence on the part of Law Enforcement Officers, that would be justified only as a response to violence initiated by the gun owner.

 Rational people know better than to offer violence against police exercising their assigned duty.

If you're not a rational person, you should not be a gun owner.

It frightens the children, and makes the rest of us look bad.

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