Thursday, April 12, 2018

Read this. Bookmark this. Then read it again.

The truth is in the details, and BOY HOWDY does this guy get into the guts of the details of firearms and homocides!

Essentially, more guns do NOT cause more crime; even (especially?) Murders.

Suicides? ... well, guns are as effective as the Japanese method of putting your skull between a pile-driver and the pile it's driving, but much more convenient.

Everybody’s Lying About the Link Between Gun Ownership and Homicide:
Everybody’s Lying About the Link Between Gun Ownership and Homicide There is no clear correlation whatsoever between gun ownership rate and gun homicide rate. Not within the USA. Not regionally. Not internationally. Not among peaceful societies. Not among violent ones. Gun ownership doesn’t make us safer. It doesn’t make us less safe. The correlation simply isn’t there. It is blatantly not-there. It is so tremendously not-there that the “not-there-ness” of it alone should be a huge news story.

(And yes, I have talked about this before. I'll talk about it again, next year.)


Anonymous said...

Logic, truth and facts never convinced a liberal of anything.

Jerry The Geek said...

I'm not trying to convince Liberals of ANYTHING! I'm just making a statement for posterity. When the libs conflate the Constitution to the point where confiscation occurs (with the inevitable response), I can go to my Blog History and crow:
"See! I TOLD you that would happen!"

And that moment will, of course, change the course of history. All Liberals will become Conservatives, vote Republican, and spend the money budgeted for campaign donations buying ammunition.

"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one ..."