Monday, April 09, 2018

Gun Control Game Plan Revealed

Yes, they do want to confiscate your legally acquired firearms, and yes, they do campaign for illegal immigration.

Who are "They"?

My Turn: Gregg Lee Carter: Serious gun control is coming  in 2021:
Three trends give hope to gun control advocates that 2021 will see the Democrats back in power and a subsequent strengthening of gun laws: The rise of interest in young adults in politics (who traditionally have low turnout, but now have an issue — gun control — motivating them to vote); the generally low popularity of the Republican president, Donald Trump; and the increasing presence of new immigrants in the electorate, with most coming from societies where gun ownership is neither commonplace nor considered a fundamental right of the citizenry. Thus, recent immigrants — from Latin America, Asia, and Africa — tend to be supportive of stronger gun control legislation, and at the same time tend to vote for the Democratic Party.

They really do not like the Constitution, and they are uncomfortable with you having "Rights" that they don't want for themselves.
They are Sheep.

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Anonymous said...

Now we know why they want open borders.