Sunday, November 06, 2016

Baby Steps

Maine Ballot Initiative Requires Background Check to Borrow Gun for Hunting - Breitbart:

The Maine ballot initiative labeled Question 3 requires individuals to go through background checks before borrowing a gun from a friend for the purposes of hunting.
See, this is because if your friend is a felon and you don't know it, this law would make sure that before you lend him a hunting rifle so he can go hunting with you,  you can ... uh ...

I'm not sure.

Personally, I've never gone hunting with anyone I didn't know well enough that I believed it was safe to .. you know ... trust him with a loaded firearm?

I've never knowingly gone hunting with a felon.   Obviously, Maine thinks that anyone who wants to go hunting is an idiot.

But ... MAINE?

What I HAVE known  is that sometimes you get in the woods before you realize that there is a functional problem with your rifle.  Rare, but it happens.

(Once a friend brought the 'wrong ammunition' which didn't work in his rifle; I had a backup-rifle and ammunition, and he took home a fine 3-point buck that year.   His wife invited me to dinner the next month ... tender eating, and I was glad I was able to help out.)

So WHY does Maine think this is A Good Idea?

It is not because they think you are an idiot, or because they think your friends are felons.
It's not just because of "Gun Control".

It's because of "CONTROL".  This is another of those niggling 'baby steps' that Gun Control Fanatics "Advocates" take take to subtly undermine your (and my) Constitutional Rights.

They just cannot believe, let alone accept, that The Common Man has sufficient reasoning ability to judge the value of his friends.   They, and they alone, have the power to judge whether you are making the right decisions in your daily life.

I don't know anything about the politics in Maine, but I would be willing to bet my next two months Social Security checks against your weekly paycheck that every legislator in Maine who voted for this inane restriction has a "D" after his or her name.

The Camel's Nose Is Under Your Tent:

Control of your ability to judge whether your friends should handle a firearm is just the tip of their agenda.  Eventually, they want to control your rights to make every life decision.

But for the same reason that the 2nd Amendment is the cornerstone which protects every other Constitutional Right, these yahoos attack it first.

And that's what they are doing,

They don't have to win every question, but citizens DO .. because when WE lose a talking point, we will never get it back.  They have the power to attack our rights; we only have the vote in response.

They don't expect this to pass, but they plant the proposal to position themselves for the next egregious imposition on your rights.

Every time you don't vote, someone undermines your life style.


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Anonymous said...

You are right, it's all about government control; however, please note that the government does not attempt to control who can vote. Photo ID, Proof of citizenship, all are verboten.