Saturday, November 12, 2016

Coddling the Coeds?

Academia reacts to Trump election.   Students treated like kindergartners.

Universities offer Play-Doh, therapy dogs, coloring books, safe spaces for students hurt by election |

 “Today during my office hours, 4PM to 7PM, I will be bringing my personal coloring books, crayons, markers and colored pencils for anyone to use in order to de-stress and relax from the election results,” she posted to Facebook. “Please do not hesitate to reach for help, whether it is to me, the rest of the Community Advisor and Residential Life University Apartment staff, the Counseling Center, the Helping Center, your friends and family or your professors,” Elizabeth wrote. “None of you are alone.” At least one economics professor at Yale University is also taking it easy on students reeling from Clinton’s loss by making their mid-term exam optional, according to a copy of an email he sent to students that Yale Daily News editor Jon Victor posted to Twitter.
Wow.  A LOT of responses and questions offer themselves for examination.

(Facts about crayolas)

EXAMPLE: What kind of education are young adults receiving in University? That they can't be trusted to handle their own emotions?  That they might be emotionally 'wounded' because their preferred candidate didn't win?

EXAMPLE: What's with crayons, coloring books, etc.?  Are these students people who are trusted to vote in presidential elections?  Or are they intellectually (and emotionally) stunted MORONS who must be coddled to prevent damage to their vulnerable egos?   (That's the goal of the Liberals.)

EXAMPLE: Why has a University Professor a set of "... personal coloring books, crayons, markers and colored pencils ..." on hand for loan?
(One possible answer is that she is the infantile product of the same educational syllabus she is now offering to her students.   Another possible answer is that she is part of the Liberal goal of raising a generation of needy, easily led citizens.)

EXAMPLE:  This "Institution of Higher Learning" is making an exception to the academic rigor by making a mid-term exam 'optional'?   What kind of lesson that THAT teach our children?  That if they're having a bad day, they can opt out of their obligations?   That their education track isn't a matter of intellectual and academic rigor, but how they "feel" today?   Or is it that our children are being carefully programmed to follow the advice of their political heroes, who cleave to the Liberal mantra of  We will tell you how to think, how to talk, and how to vote"?

I don't know about you, but I've had a few bad days and on more than one of them I would have liked to have my Captain say: "Sergeant Geek, I see you're having a bad day.  Why don't you just stay in camp today and we'll let the platoon get along without you.  Whaddya say, is that a good idea?"

Um ... no.   I have responsiblities, and people who depend on me, and a family whose respect and cherish. I was taught that when you accept a job you keep at it until the job is done.

University students have probably graduated from 'Chores' ("Timmy, don't forget to empty the trash baskets today!") to "Obligations"  ("Timmy, we are proud to co-sign that Guaranteed Student Loan for your college education, but please understand that we don't have the money to pay for it if you default!").

But apparently, College Students have not been encouraged to move on up to RESPONSIBILITY!

("Timmy, you sluggard, we can't pay for your tuition next year and you've been too busy indulging your ANGST over an election to keep up your grades!  You know, you're carrying a D- in Basket Weaving 101 and a C- in "Tin Smashing 050"?   I'm sorry, but either you spend the summer working for tuition ... and take a job during the academic year .. or your college education is OVER!  And by the way; we've rented your room to a nice veteran who is working two jobs and carrying an 18-credit curriculem.   We're thinking of adopting him."  Have a nice day, and get a job!)

Timmy Doesn't Get It!:

It may not be his fault that he has been coddled all his life, but Timmy fails to appreciate that his job during his 'University Years" is to learn to think.   He might get some perspective from his "Introduction to Western Civilization" class, but the academics are justs background.   It's good to know what "Occam's Razor" and 'Antidisestablishmentarianism" mean ... if he intends to be able to carry on a conversation with educated folks.

But the ability to evaluate the political climate doesn't flower when his learning is all by rote.
And unless he is a Poli-Sci major, participating in riotous demonstrations teaches him more about hooliganism (although he may not be able to spell or define it) than it does about Civics.   Does Timmy knows what the phrase "Term Limits" means?  How about a tough one: "Electoral College"?

Timmy knows that he can get a small pitcher of draft beer for $8 when he orders a large pizza for $20; but he doesn't know or care that the tavern owner realizes a 200% markup on the second picture of beer and a 300% markup on the pizza ... and the music is from a juke box which nets the tavernier most of the coinage needed to provide the music.  Timmy just wants to have a good time.

So it's no wonder that academics treat University Students like children.

They are just children.

That's why the university employees, whose charge is to educate young people, have low expectations of their students.

The kids are all fools, and everybody in a college town takes advantage of their naivete.

Which wouldn't be so bad, if those kids weren't destined to become the leaders of the next generation.

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