Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Today, the "Least Worst" candidate won

Today, Donald Trump was voted the less despicable candidate for the Presidency of the most powerful nation in the history of the world.

Donald Trump elected president of the United States | PBS NewsHour:
 Donald Trump was elected America’s 45th president Tuesday, an astonishing victory for a celebrity businessman and political novice who capitalized on voters’ economic anxieties, took advantage of racial tensions and overcame a string of sexual assault allegations on his way to the White House. 
It may not have been that bad.

On the other hand, it might have been.

But Trump is our president.
As we learned to do with William Jefferson Clinton and Barack (NMI?) Obama, we'll learn to do with DJ Trump.

Had The HillaryBeast been elected, this comment would have been a funereal eulogy.

So, I guess this is A Good Thing.

Time will tell.


Archer said...

Barack (NMI?) Obama

Barack Hussein Obama. MI is 'H'.

No, I'm not screwing with you. Hussein is his middle name.

Anonymous said...

It could have been worse, much worse, Hillary could have won.
Now, the Eagle can fly again.

Jerry The Geek said...

actually, Archer, I have always been painfully aware of President Obama's middle name. It's not that I'm ignorant or uninformed.

Think of it as will fully IGNORING that the 'not a muslim president' has a muslim name.

Not that I have anything against Muslims, except for that part where they keep killing Americans.