Thursday, December 24, 2015

Darwinian Solutions

Sweet Suffering Jehovah, has it been only one day since I posted this article about people pointing toy guns at people carrying real guns?

Now we hear that "merry pranksters" are similarly risking their lives with "toy" bombs:

No, The Fake-bomb Tossing Jalal Brothers Didn't Get Shot:
Videos from three Arab-Australian brothers have been shared everywhere on social media in recent days as they’ve turned fears of terrorism into fodder for pranks.  They dress up in “traditional” Arab dress, walk up on unsuspecting citizens, and throw backpack “bombs” at random citizens before running away, capturing the victim’s desperate attempts at escaping on hidden cameras.
Apparently there is even a sham element where one or more of these fun-loving adolescents (?) is reported to have been shot during such an ill-considered act of sophomoric japery.

These heckle-and-jeckle idiots have so far got away with their shenanigans in Australia because that country's citizens has been emasculated disarmed by their government.

But even if there is little danger of being shot, some people won't tolerate rude behavior.


Anonymous said...

Texas Rangers, even the retired ones, have strong opinions on what is right and proper social behavior.

Mark said...

Boy, have I ever wanted to do that to some people.