Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Seattle Follow-up

Comments are often the most interesting things that happen on this blog.

In reference to the Article:
Seattle, the big target isn't the people who cause the problem

There was an especially interesting aside from ARCHER:

Archer said...
Besides which, the Seattle Times gets it wrong in their title line: It’s common sense for Seattle to tax gun sales to study violence

The money isn't going to "study violence". It's going into "'gun violence' prevention programs". There's a subtle difference.

It's been known for years that "'gun violence' prevention programs" are a euphemism for "gun control" programs and groups. The "tax" basically forces lawful gun owners to fund the demise of their own rights.


Anonymous said...

If only one child's life is saved, etc. etc. etc.
Merry Christmas, ya'll

Archer said...

I love comments. Good comments and feedback are the best part of blogging, in my opinion.

I always feel like I wrote something good if I get some decent comments.