Friday, November 16, 2007

"... your (FFL) licence will be revoked"

Due to my prior support of Red's Trading Post, I have been the recipient of several emails from owner Ryan Horsely.

Don't be confused by the stilted structure of that sentence. I fully support Horsely's objection to ATF abuses which may yet result in the inequitable revocation of his (his business's) Federal Firearms License.

The latest email from Horsely, however, reveals even more blatant excesses on the part of ATF (The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, a division of The United States' Treasury Department.)

As a preface to the following email, and the embedded links, I have a few comments.

First: Jeanette Compton seems like a Janet Reno Wanna-Be. She has the autocratic attitude, the arrogance, even The Look down cold.

Second: the irony of the statement "I'm from the Government, I'm here to help you" can be no better illustrated. In other words, we couldn't make this up. It's too precious for words.

Third, in Horseley's first link there are two videos. The second is the same (if in a larger format) as the first. Choose which one you want to watch, the final words ... in regards to the close watch on FFL dealers NEED to have ....

Compton's speech is boringly presented, but she presents talking points which are chilling as she talks about, among other things, the roll of ATF Investigators. (Note: NOT ATF Agents.)

Here are a few excerpts, admittedly transcripted by an amateur:

"The purpose of this seminar is to educate you, the Federal Firearms licenses ... on firearms laws and regulations as enforced by ATF ... (and) licensees responsibility in maintaining proper records and business practices that help prevent the acquisition of firearms by prohibited persons."

(Most of her speech is a literal reading of the applicable regulations regarding the transfer of firearms. As if the FFL-holders in her audience don't deal with these regulations every business day.)

Under "Secure Gun Storage or Safety":

"Licensees are required to have Secure Gun Storage or Safety Devices available at any place in which firearms are sold under the license to persons who are not licensee (subject to the exception that in any case in which a secure gun storage or safety device is temporarily unavailable because of theft, casualty loss, consumer sales, backorders from a manufacturer, or any other reason beyond the control of the licensee, the dealer shall not be considered to be in violation of the requirement to make available such a device.)

"There is an exception, if (they're) temporarily unavailable because of a theft, or casualty loss, or consumer sales, or backorders from manufacturers, then we won't consider that a violation."

"We note that the secretary ... after the opportunity for a hearing ... we will revoke the license of a dealer who willfully violates the requirement to have secure gun storage or safety devices available at any place at which firearms are sold.

"I have been given the authority to revoke licenses. So if I determine that it was willful, then your license will be revoked."
She announces that "part of the mission (of the ATF) is protecting the public."

Compton's opening comment is true:

"I've been with the ATF for over 22 years .... It's time for me to retire"

Please, Lady. When you do retire, would you please take your boss "Maximum" Mike Sullivan with you? (Anyone endorseded by both John Kerry and Ted Kennedy can't be a friend of small business ... or the private citizen.) That would be the best way for you to protect the public ... from Sullivan's heavy-handed abuse of authority.

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