Thursday, November 15, 2007

Join Me! We're the ATF!

Red's Trading Post: ATF Recruitment Video

(H/T "Red's Trading Post")
Here's an ATF Recruiting Video, courtesy Ryan Horseley of Red's Trading Post.

Qctually, there are three movies shown on this page.

The first is the ATF recruiting video. I'm sorry, I know it sounds crude to say it, but I think the most telling image here (it's from ATF, for goodness sake!) is the group of ATF agents standing before the rubble of The Twin Towers, scratching their heads in bewilderment. The only element missing is the balloon caption asking"WTF?????"

The second video on the webpage is pretty much a recap of the first. I admit, I didn't play the whole six+ minute version. If I was a FFL holder, the ATF would probably bring charges against me for insufficient documentation.

The third video is apparently from "The Gang Movie", a documentary critical of the ATF (with special emphasis on the massacre at WACO.)

Isn't it a darn shame, when a governmental agency ... OUR government, America's Government ... so lends itself to the criticism of its citizens?

Maybe, just maybe, the world wouldn't have come to this state if the ATF and associated Governmental Agencies (eg: FBI) hadn't found themselves in a position where the only viable recourse was to slaughter American civilians who had not been accused of Capital Crimes (Ruby Ridge, Waco).

The situation hasn't noticeably improved under a New Administration.

I weep for my country.

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