Monday, November 12, 2007

SWMBO Laughs!

Albany Rifle and Pistol Club, November Club Match -- "Who Listens?"

You've got to appreciate the irony here.

Also the Chutspha (sp) , the nerve, and the confidence.

When you're shooting an IPSC stage, you're all alone. Anyone who offers advice from "The Peanut Gallery" runs the risk of incurring a procedural penalty (how this applied? Anyone?) and the shooter who obviously changes his/her approach to engaging targets on a stage risks incurring a similar penalty on the stage.

The Best Thing To Do is, invariably, Shoot 'Em as You See 'Em, and if you screw up ...

Let's Face The Music and Dance.

Here SWMBO loses track of her Round Count, and out of frustration makes a standing reload which eats up her time.

Does that deter her? Hell No!

If anyone ever thought that the best shooters are those who gets the most points in the least time, they have no idea why people come back every week to compete in IPSC matches.

If everyone ever thought that the best reason to compete in IPSC matches was to have a good time, and to enjoy the process, they simply have no idea why ... but you get the picture.

And in case you are among the benighted few who Have No Idea, here's a hint:

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