Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Kalifornia vs STI

STI rejects California FIrearms Restrictions)

Last month we cited STI as one firearms manufacturer which was unlikely to accept the California Microstamping Restrictions:
Some manufacturers (STI specifically, with 25 models of 'semi-automatic pistols' in their current line) refused to yield to this unreasonable obligation. Manufacturers who gave in to the last (Act I: 2004) round of excessive gun-control legislation are likely to take a second look at the profitability of selling to California buyers when Act II becomes effective.

One more time, just for the record: this is not a safety issue, this is not a 'crime stopping' issue, it's not even a 'crime solving' issue.

It's a back-door 'gun control' issue ... just one more way to keep firearms out of the hands of honest citizens. And that means that by signing the bill, Arnold the Barbarian has signed the bill for purely political reasons.
This month (H/T LawDog) STI has announced that they will not ...
... renew certification nor to sell to LEO and governmental agencies in CA, regardless of their exempt status, because there was no exemption from liability or legal fees which could bankrupt this company.
By this single bold move, STI has reversed polarity on the state-wide egregious restrictions on new firearm sales, and announced that it will cease doing business in California.

While we truly feel badly for the law abiding citizens of California, we feel it is necessary to take a stand against irresponsible legislation designed solely to inhibit the American citizen’s right to keep arms. We are fierce proponents of the Second Amendment, and it is our hope that other manufacturers will follow our lead. It is time for the gun industry as a whole to take a stand against the insanity.
(ED: Emphasis added)

We at Cogito Ergo Geek recognize the monetary impact this recent law may have on small firearms manufacturers, and more importantly we recognize and approve of the "line in the sand" stance established by STI.

The Microstamping law is just one more example of arbitrary legislation designed not to increase firearms safety, or to improve law-enforcement ability to identify and apprehend criminals; but rather intended to restrict access to quality firearms which are otherwise available to the citizens of that state.

It is not the duty of the firearms manufacturer to enhance the availability of tools for the state's criminal justice system; rather, it is the goal to provide a reliable, safe product for sale.

The expressed claim (by the Governor of California) of the Microstamping bill to "... provide law enforcement with an additional tool for solving crimes committed with semi-automatic handguns in California ..." is both disingenuous and transparent.

The real reason for enacting this law is to establish just one more roadblock to private firearms ownership.

STI establishes the pure position of all firearms manufacturers:
To our loyal supporters in California, we sincerely regret the measures we feel we must take and will continue to honor all warrantee obligations. We hope for a speedy resolution of this ill conceived violation of the Second Amendment.

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