Wednesday, November 14, 2007

She's B-A-A-A-A-ACK!

SWMBO (She - Who Must Be Obeyed) went through major surgery on September 26, 2007. She's be recovering quickly, returning to work after only 3 weeks instead of the six-to-eight weeks predicted by her surgeon.

But she hasn't felt up to shooting an IPSC match until last week-end, when we both went to the Albany Rifle and Pistol Club (ARPC) Points Match.

We had agreed that if either of us felt like dropping out, it was 'okay' with the other. (I had been out half of October with the Flu, which makes us a pair of Sick-O's.)

As it happened, we both managed to get through the whole match, and in fact both did our share of officiating, taping and brassing.

To our mutual surprise, we were blissed out the whole day. We knew we missed our friends and the mild exercise available through IPSC competition, but the surprisingly best part was --- it was fun!

Sometimes it's easy to be so focused on "being competitive", it's easy to lose track of the real reason why we spend so much time and money on competitive shooting: it's fun!

If we did nothing else last weekend, we got back to the root-cause of the investment in shooting.

It's fun!

Here's the video of SWMBO's first stage in her first match in two months. Note the smiles, note that both She and the Range Officer have big silly grins and are laughing though most of the movie.

Did I mention the most important thing about IPSC competition?

It's fun!

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