Saturday, November 12, 2016

Ultimate Benefits of TRUMP Election

My angst over the need to vote for Donald Trump (as the only alternative to "That Person") has been relieved.

Anything that pisses off the Liberal Left is worth the effort.
Michael Moore calls on Donald Trump to step down before joining protesters in New York | Daily Mail Online:
Film-maker Michael Moore has called on Donald Trump to step down as President-elect before he even takes office.
Leave it to the insufferable Michael Moore to provide perspective.

And that goes double for Amy Schumer!

The Democratic Party decided that there was no longer a threat to their re-election chances from the Second Amendment voters, so they went ahead and made that an important plank in their campaigns.

That didn't help them after all.

I think that this Day-By-Day cartoon said it best, though.


Anonymous said...

Based on nightly events in Portland, Or. the liberal left is more than just pissed. They are highly infuriated.

Mark said...

The country would not miss any of them.