Saturday, June 17, 2017

Assault Pistol?

SF Police: Shooter Armed with Assault Pistol | | Police say the shooter who opened fire at a San Francisco UPS warehouse Wednesday morning was armed with an assault pistol when police found him. Three people were killed as well as the shooter in the incident. (June 14)

Sure wish I had me one of them Assault Pistol thingies!   It sound like it would be ... say, just what the heck IS an Assault Pistol, anyway?

Is it a long barrelled handgun firing a medium range cartridge with selective fire and a bayonet (optional at extra cost for the civilian market )???

Put SF together with AP and you get F-SAPs.   They don't know what they're talking about, but they speak with complete confidence that they are always correct.

see AP's "Smart URL":

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effing bunch of tards, all of 'em.

Oh, see also


Anonymous said...

I bet Hollywood would know what an assault pistol is.

Bear said...

Actually, California law does define "assault pistol," so there it does have a -- stupid -- meaning. It's a semiautomatic pistol with a detachable magazine and a second forward grip, or with a magazine well other than is the pistol's grip. Dumbass definition, but the Cal government is chock full of dumbasses.

Mark said...

Not so stupid, you can now acquire an AR pistol in the calibers as the Long gun.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the Calif. definition would fit the old Broom Handle Mauser pistol to a T. That critter is almost 120 years old.