Tuesday, June 13, 2017

I guess it had to happen sometime ....

I use to say that IPSC was safer that High School Football.

I guess I can't say that any more.

Vancouver man dies after shooting himself in Kamloops pistol contest | Vancouver Sun:
 June 12, 2017 
 In an extremely unusual tragedy, a man fatally shot himself by accident during a pistol competition in Kamloops on Sunday. The 50-year-old Vancouver man died shortly after arriving at the hospital in Kamloops. “It’s rarer than getting hit by lightning, you got ‘er,” said Jim Sloper, president of the 132-year-old Kamloops Target Sports Association. “I’ve competed around the world and I’ve never come across it. Injuries are unheard of, let alone fatal shootings.” 
Damn!   I can't imagine how his friends and family are dealing with this tragic loss.

Now IPSC is only slightly safer than high-school football.

*(H/T: Say Uncle)

[NOTE: Apparently, he dropped his loaded pistol ... and tried to catch it.  You try to tell people not to do that, but it's instinct.]

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