Friday, June 16, 2017

Relaxing Michigan gun restrictions is part of a national trend

It's amazing that Michigan, once one of the most restrictive states in reference to firearms carry laws, has made a 180 degree turn in respect to acknowledging their citizens to exercise their Constitutional Rights!

They're naturally concerned about the consequences of trusting their citizens to carry firearms; they haven't previously "ALLOWED" Michigans to exercise their constitutional rights, so this is a HUGE step forward for them.'

They have some concerns, of course.

They've given up the "State Boards:" who have historically determined which individual 'should be allowed' to carry a firearm.

They have eased the restrictions which would "disallow" the issue of firearms carry permits.

And even more important, they have eliminated "Local Ordanances" which might restrict the free exercise of the 2nd Amendment of their citizen.


That's a gigantic kudo to their free citizens, and a great step for the state which now has decided to trust their citizenry not to shoot  each other!

Michigan .. welcome to the Twentieth Century!

This is the year when we do NOT assume that our citizens are craven lunatics or incipient rebels.

This is the year when we understand that the Constitution means exactly what it says:
"Shall Not Be Infringed". 

And this is the year when we acknowledge that the Republic is the servant of The People; not the other way around.   The people want to make their own decisions whether to go armed in public, or not.  It is not within the purview of The State to make that decision for them.

Not everyone understands that.

More important, the people who would undermine the Constitutional Rights of the Citizens are the same people who want to force YOU to live under the standards which THEY determine.

That's not freedom; that's Tyranny!

Welcome to America, Michigan!

This is (in the words of that famous American, Robert Heinlein):
Freedom Hall!
Where you can spit on the floor, and call the cat a Bastard!

Relaxing Michigan gun restrictions is part of a national trend:
The effort in Lansing to ease restrictions on carrying concealed weapons would mark a major change in state gun laws and be the latest in a string of victories for gun-rights advocates in Michigan in recent years.  Last week, the Michigan House approved a series of controversial bills that would allow lawful gun owners to carry concealed weapons without a permit or state-mandated training. 
 Since 2001, the state has:
. Expanded access to concealed weapon permits
. Passed a law allowing Michigan gun owners to "stand your ground"
. Streamlined pistol purchases by allowing gun dealers to use instant computer background checks
. Eliminated county gun boards, which had decided who received a carry permit
. Barred local governments from passing gun ordinances
When people are not 'allowed' to go about their business while armed, then they are not free; they are "subjects".

They are not "FREE", in the sense that they have decided for themselves what duty they have to protect themselves; to state what rights they have and are willing and able to defend.

Citizens ... as opposed to "Subjects", are aware of their rights; without that right to be armed, they have NO other rights.

For without the free and unfettered right to arms, they can not ENFORCE their rights against those who would deprive them of their other natural rights.

Without the public enumeration of those defensive rights, the people are not able to define their other rights (eg: free speech, voting, et al) and they are defenseless against those who would deny them.

This is not to say that they must use their Second Amendment Rights to violently oppose laws which are oppressive  unconstitutional;   it's enough that the people have that option, and that ability, to combat oppression.

Americans tend to be lazy, and when new laws are imposed by their elected representatives, there is usually no public outcry ... until the laws are obviously too burdensome, or unconstitutional.

And when the normal process of opposing burdensome laws is not effective, ....

Unfortunately, some misguided individual has missed the moment and taken it on their own cognizance to apply the ultimate resolution.

This was not the time, or the place, nor (certainly) the way to demonstrate their own personal disaffection.

We do not acknowledge this attack as a legitimate protest to any political opinion!

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