Monday, May 08, 2017

'Training Day'

'Training Day' Stunt Costs Florida Sheriff's Deputy His Job - NBC News:

 MAY 08 A Florida sheriff's deputy loses his job after he allegedly reenacted a scene from the 2001 movie "Training Day," starring Denzel Washington as a corrupt detective.
(Waving his gun, waving his arms, acting erratically ...)

... I've actually seen people doing this sort of shenanigans, during training session. It looks like they're playing "Octopus" and the don't have control of their gun.

I have called their attention to it, and their response is "Huh?  What do you mean?  I don't do that When do I do that?!"

Usually it's during the "Unload and Show Clear" phase of a stage. I don't know of they are trying to put some "Style" into their routine or they are really that disjointed from reality.    They look like a dude, shooting his cuffs to show off his French cuff-links after donning a too-tight Italian-cut suit.

All I want them to do is to remove their magazine, rack the slide to eject any chambered round, the point the gun safely down range and pull the trigger to drop the hammer.  That proves that there is no live round left in the chamber.

Then ... holster the damn gun!

Is that too much to ask?

Instead they point their gun toward the sky at shoulder height or higher, shift their grip so their thumb is above the trigger guard, waggle the muzzle a couple of times while they try to find the mag release, push the button and drop the magazine.

In the meantime, their muzzle is pointed about eighty degrees above horizontal.   broke the 180!

I honestly don't know where they learned this shit, but I can't break them of their bad habits in the less than a half-hour of personal training which is devoted to them, in a large class.

I suppose I could shame them, but Damn!  I've seen GrandMasters point their gun into the sky when loading and unloading.  (No, I didn't DQ them, either.)

(sigh)  I guess the only thing I can do is to actually go to the next match, get squadded with them, and the next time they pull this shit .. DQ them.

NOT the best solution; other than some bad habits (which I failed to break them of, although I did bring it to their attention);   I have long decided that the best thing was NOT to break their spririt; let them go to a match and allow the Range Officer on the first stage where they pull this shit to DQ them.

Then they will say: "Oh, I did the same thing on my INTRO TO USPSA class, and I didn't get DQ'ed.

Upon which opportunity, the RO will say:  I'm not trying to keep you in The Sport; I'm trying to run a safe range.  You're not safe, and you are SOOOOoooo out of here~!"

I'm not perfect.

Nobody is.

Well, except for the Range Officers during an actually match.

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Anonymous said...

At least, in the best Hollywood fashion, he was holding the pistols sideways.