Monday, May 08, 2017

Another Fishing Expedition?

Last week I placed an order with AMMOMAN.COM for a couple of cases of ammunition.

Later, I received a "confirmation email" from someone who purported to be a representative of AMMOGARAND informing me (in an embedded link internal to the email) that my order had been cancelled.

 (NOTE: Some of the order was for .30-06 ammunition appropriate for use in an M1 Garand; which made the bogus 'follow-up' seem reasonable.)

Here's the text of the 'error message':

***HOLD*** Status means we don't have your documents***
Tracking information is provided below once order has shipped.
If you have any questions about your order, please Contact Us
*** ID Copy (ie. a Driv Lic, FFL, Carry Permit etc) MUST be on file or sent to process orders! Previous Buyers do NOT have to resend documents unless info has changed. 

(The underlined link has been deleted and replaced with a 'dummy' text; the link went to a address ..... which seemed suspicious unprofessional to me.)

Rather than to click on the "CONTACT US" link, I forwarded the email to my original supplier ... Eric at Ammoman ... informing him that I was loath to provide either my Drivers License or Carry Permit information to someone I never heard of, and with whom I had never knowingly done business.  

(Eric has has exchanged emails AND ammunition samples to me, and he is a Trusted Contact; I know he would never attempt to do business with me through a 'dubious contact', such as the one I received through the never-to-be-sufficiently-damned media known as EMAIL!)

I told him I still wanted my ammunition order, and that I didn't wanted to deal with them.
"You Deal With It" I told him

Eric responded quickly.   He didn't know them either, and strongly suggested that I not respond directly to that link.   He confirmed that my order and payment information had been processed, and the full order had already been shipped.

Well, I am old and I'm not that bright, but I had already figured that much out for myself.  Kudus for Eric and Ammoman for their concern about my computer security.

Moral: don't be "That Guy".    Don't take emails for granted.  Only place online orders with people that you trust.   If there's a LINK in an email, check it out ... if it doesn't obviously point to a reputable (or at least confirmable) online business address, don't trust it.


Several weeks ago, Eric sent me several boxes of .45 ACP ammunition as a sample of the product they sell.  He asked me only too shoot it.  ("If you use it at a match, that's even better; I just want you to evaluate the product and let me know your honest opinion" ... paraphrased.)

I'm still working my way through the 300 rounds, and so far I have not found anything which would suggest that the product they sell is less than what the label on the boxes says it is.

Quality ammunition from several reputable ammunition suppliers.  If it's reloads, I can't tell; there are no "cast SWC bullets" in the batch which would suggest they are amateurish reloads.  Most are ball, there are some HP loads and the boxes say that they are what we would usually consider "Defense" loads.

I think I need to put some time in on the range with my Beloved Kimber and a chronograph.  It would be interesting to check the velocity through an ageing kimber and calculate the power factors on the "Factory Ammunition" provided by Eric and his crew.


Anonymous said...

Your e-mail didn't sound as exciting as the ones I occasionally get from a Nigerian Princess, being held hostage, and only I can save her by providing my banking information, so she can pay the ransom.

Mark said...

How about the very large boobed babe who wants to be my friend on facebook. You mean she isn't real?

Jerry The Geek said...

(A) Faithful Reader "ANONYMOUS": you're too late, I've already signed up for the Nigerian Hostage Deal and I expect the millions to begin flowing into my personal bank account "Any Day Now"!

(B) Mark, the estimable Mrs. Brasser knows the combination to your gun safe. Enough said, right?

(C) I received my full order today, just the way Ammoman promised it, and yes the email I had received cancelling my order was bogus; not my problem, but the problem of the third company which had nothing to do with my order.

Anonymous said...

Darn it, foiled again.

Rivrdog said...

Moral of the story on THIS date, the Ides of May, is quit using Windows at all. Smug Apple-biters, YOU'RE NEXT!

We Linux Jedi ALREADY rule the galaxy...