Saturday, May 13, 2017

No guns for you, no guns for you ... go away kid, you bother me1

California Assemblyman Kevin McCarty (D-7) is pushing legislation to take away school administrators’ power to allow teachers with a Carry Concealed Weapon license (CCW) to be armed in classrooms for self-defense.
Sez it makes him nervous.

He doesn't spend a lot of time on high-school grounds (note: "NO GUN ZONE" ... duh!)

Well, it's not as if maniacal gunmen waste their time shooting kid on school campiii ...

What's the worst that could happen?

Dem. Assemblyman Pushes Bill to Guarantee Teachers Cannot Shoot Back if Attackers Strike - Breitbart:


Anonymous said...

The insanity of California politicians knows no limits.

Mark said...

You can't fix stupid!

Jerry The Geek said...

Sure, you can fix stupid.

You can move back to Oregon ... I did.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Geek, but Oregon's gun laws and proposed gun laws are becoming as stupid as California.

Mark said...

You didn't fix, you just escaped. I escaped from Kalifornia at age 17. I joined the USAF.